September : 15

Daily Log for September, 15 of each year.



  • 3:30am - The n8n message was sent to me a bit early into my sleep but I was able to get a hand of it and read it through. I do need a better understanding of Agents and chains, however some of what I been reading and seeing has really gotten me a bit ahead of the curve, per say. I am able to understand a decent more than what I had even a week ago, there are a couple things that I want to test case out. Now I must sleep.
  • 10:05am - Almost missed a meeting! I made a mistake in not having my phone turned into silent and the device got me. Once that blue light from the screen hit my eyes, it was all over, the dreams had faded away and I was wired.
  • 12:50pm - I need to review all the issue tickets that I currently have and then start to resolve them within this weekend. This should help us stay in focus and build out what we need to move forward.
  • 2:02pm - Fixed up MDXJS so that the padding is not a nightmare in the mobile mode. Shifted some of the layers for the stocks/crypto and now I need to do the test casing for the widgets.
  • 4:44pm - Just got back from getting coffee with a new friend, we were only suppose to be there for 30mins but ended up being there for a bit too long, so I had to cut the conversation short and told them that I had to go. Now I will just keep it cool and move forward!
  • 7:38pm - Setting up the Appwrite Register function for KBVE, including a completely new one that we can utilize in the future.


Give whatever you are doing and whoever you are with the gift of your attention. — Jim Rohn


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