July : 05

Daily Log for July, 05 of each year.



  • 6:00pm - Building out the basic RareIcon.com NextJS template. I am thinking that I might also build out a general template / concept for a majority of my websites as I prepare for my Resume / CV builder. I should aim for about 3-5 live projects that I can shift through and utilize! One of the core concepts that I want to test is the multi-tenant core within the Appwrite eco-system and how far I can extend out the API.
  • 10:00pm - Okay! After some general test casing and going through some templating issues, I was able to get the CI/CD done for RareIcon! Now we are operating the website on NextJS, similar to the Discord.sh setup. My plan moving forward will be to get at least both of those websites to become integrated with the Appwrite. While that is going on, I wanted to start focusing on the batchmation of SEO/SEM/Marketing/Media through cloud functions. This part of the project will be a bit interesting to build out because there are a couple moving parts that I need to address.
  • 10:20pm - I believe one area of difference between the Discord.sh and RareIcon.com will be the CSS, I am going to keep Discord.sh with MUI and try Tailwindcss for RareIcon. As for the majority of the notes, I am thinking of writing them out here, as a collection of my thoughts and then clear them up and migrate them over to the documentation.
  • 10:45pm - The Robot Unicorn Attack SWF will be located here -> https://rareicon.com/assets/swf/arcade/robotunicornattack/robotunicornattack.swf. I am thinking how I should do the asset structure for the website.
  • 11:50pm - Okay ended up getting it resolved! Let us try this now in production?


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  • SWF CORS Issue