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March: 21




For LC Agents we will setup an expo client that we can build test around and finish up a generic application + website for the client. We can use this test case as a way to document the changes required before moving to more production ready styles of deployment.

The developer build for LC Agents should be done before the end of this week!


We will be taking another shot at expo and with the release of v50, our goal of setting up a clean and automated application should be easier! The plan is currently to split the dev cycle into a couple side branches, eventually only taking the one that works the best for our monorepo.


The base template that we want to use for the project is Argon-React-Native by Creative Tim, which is located here.

This react native theme provides everything we need to bootstrap an iOS/Android/Web application by utilizing the Galio framework, React Native and Expo, at least according to their document.

Sadly majority of the time for this template system is being spent on just setting up the damn typescript xD

The amount of work that I have to put into this might be too much for me, as the errors are all over the place, including the router.


The latest patch for HellDiver has been making the game actually playable on my laptop! Before the amount of heat, terrible performance and lag was just way too much!

The more I play this game, the more I just want to finish up RogueJester to be honest, a combination of Brute Force, Halo and HellDiver would be an epic game.