May : 30

Daily Log for May, 30 of each year.



  • 9:00am - Going to see if I can sell a couple cover calls and covered puts on a collection of stocks. I am looking to see if I can get into another position on $NVDA , I am looking at $380 puts this week. Furthermore, maybe enter $TSLA at under $190 and $SPY again for under $420.
  • 11:00am - Restructuring the AI cloud functions so that we can encapsulate it all into microservices. We are currently running about 3-5 different instances within KBVE but we could abstract out another 10-20 more 3rd party instances, that are then wrapped inside of the KBVE cloud functions.
  • 3:00pm - Woke up from a nap, going to go install a backup camera onto two of the older cars in my family’s fleet. The total install cost for two 7 inch backup cameras comes in at around $400 each, I am trying to see if I can get it down to $700 or maybe work out another deal with the guy.
  • 5:00pm - The shadow magic conch shell is looking better and better! I should throw up a test case for people to see under the official url of conch. I hope everyone enjoys the absolute memes that this tool will become.


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