June : 15

Daily Log for June, 15 of each year.



  • 9:00am - Will SPY keep going up? Damn I am printing money from these covered cash puts. I was hoping to grab an assignment yesterday when I was selling the $434/435 but it closed at $437.
  • 10:0am - Going to take a quick break from the Internet and spend some time in the real world.
  • 7:25pm - Stream Darts , the Always Sunny in Discord Edition. The concept is a high thought that we are test casing right now. The first duelist were @ziggy and @mrock, they did a rock paper scissors to determine who would go first.
  • 7:57pm - The match is getting hot and heavy! As we cross intermission, @Ziggy is at 318 and @Mrock is at 225. Its been a close match but @Ziggy has been slowly gaining a massive lead over @Mrock. The crowd has been going wild!, almost as if they were infused with Alex Jones’ special water.
  • 7:58pm - Going to start the Webmaster react form from scratch again, hopefully I can get it out and ready by tonight. @Ziggy is now at 415 and @Mrock is 303! So close, and damn @Ziggy hits a 2, now at 417! @Mrock is closing in at 345!. OH NO! @Ziggy scores a double one, sitting at 419! @Ziggy wins with a 424! @mrock finishes with a 348! Great game boys!


A man cannot be said to succeed in this life who does not satisfy one friend. — Henry David Thoreau


  • Building out WebMaster Tools Issue
  • Updating BizOps Document Issue
  • Cloud Functions Printful Scope. Issue
  • Created Mermaid React JSX Issue