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March: 08




We will be migrating the fish and chip game from a basic astro component to its own folder. We might to add a babel setup for the vite to process, hmm.

The vite build path needs to be upgrade, all of this will be under the #880 ticket.

Folder is /apps/react-phaser-fish-chip. Serve is pnpm nx serve react-phaser-fish-chip.


I am here to help fix up these damn images!

Okay, so we will be adding a couple new characters to our game, this is going to be a bit weird but I want to take logs from people and train the characters around them.

It would be like a preluded DnD style game, this will help with character development too because it is built around real humans with real emotions, but through the bulleyes of the internet, which is less of an eye.

@bigman1392: I will help with the tilemaps and general environment for the NPCs


My bathroom walls are going down! House construction is always a pain, definitely when it comes to the kitchen and the bathroom, I never felt more like a slug than this week. I can smell the lack of water usage.