April : 23

Daily Log for 2023-04-23



  • Damn! 17 days left in India for this vacation! I definitely will miss this place, the internal clock is already ticking. The next time I am around India, I might make plans to visit the Himalayas and also expand around Asia, definitely need to put Japan on the list.
  • I am currently debating how I should setup the AppWrite Register. I am thinking I will do the classical way first and then maybe create a widget, react-appwrite-widget , to handle the Register? Hmm.
  • I decided to stick with a simple register / login / account flow for now but will expand it later on once I find more usage for it. The three are under tasks.
  • Expanding the user profile via its own astro component, I have to be careful not to hit the API too much while building out the basics. We could store the basic user information into another nanoStore, so we do not have to pull from the API all the time. The issue is related to https://github.com/KBVE/kbve.com/issues/183


Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play. — Mike Singletary (basketball)


  • Connect AppWrite with /account/register/
  • Connect AppWrite with /account/index aka Profile?
  • Connect AppWrite with /account/login/
  • Prepare weekly 0days.