August : 30

Daily Log for August, 30 of each year.



  • 7:32am - Going over some work emails and getting a general vibe going to today’s hackathon! It is a 24-hour Audiocraft hackathon with no major prizes but I always wanted to generate music, so I figured this would be fun regardless.
  • 7:51am - Migrate the notes and general flow of the hackathon into just one area that we can look over and use to communicate / reference.
  • 9:30am - Updated the main repo to Astro v3.0.0 and now I am going back to the general updating of the music hackathon. We might not use Astro for the time being until I can make sure that I am comfortable with the v3.0 series from them, but they definitely handled it really well! The breaking changes were really easy to resolve and their approach of granular tweaks is amazing, definitely one of the best examples of version control on the market to this date.
  • 11:00am - The realm of browser extensions seems to be hurt by the different levels of version control within the manifest. It seems to me that Google is making it way too complicated with their version 3 and as they scope into the different permissions vectors, they are adding a bit too much complexity to the whole structure. I suppose there are concerns with privacy and the levels of which extensions can undermine? Why surf the web with a VPN but have insecure browser extensions?


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