September : 16

Daily Log for September, 16 of each year.



  • 4:45pm - Okay got some of the networking resolved with the Appwrite v1.4.3, its really just getting the general gist of the flow. Honestly looking back at some of the situations, just redeploying the stack was not enough, I had to stop the whole instance and then create a whole new instance.
  • 7:18pm - Finally got the docker swarm to work within my favor, there were a couple issues that I needed to resolve but for the most part it was pretty dope to see parts of the functions working. Now getting the command line to be operational will be the next step, but that might be something that I am willing to wait off on until things are a bit more stable within the eco-system at Appwrite.
  • 7:22pm - Now I need to convert over a couple of the cloud functions for the whole eco-system to the new repo and then do the deployment from there. I have to also test case the backup system and make sure that it works as intended, but that will be worth it before the hackathon.
  • 11:05pm - Looks like the swarm is still healthy with no major breaks as of right now, going to keep test casing it and seeing where we can push the boundaries for our application stack.


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  • Get Appwrite Swarm up and running with additional integrations.