February: 20

Daily Log for February 20th for each year!


Tue Feb 20 2024 12:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


Testing out the journal entries for 2024!

I will have to make this section a bit more unique later on but for now it seems great.



I spent a decent amount of time rebuilding the NX Smartrepo pipeline, we were able to get updated to version 18 but it seems that the Rust plugin was throwing errors. We had to downgrade the Rust plugin from the version of 1.3.3 back to version 1.2.X, which was able to then build and run without any problems. The plugin upgrade was causing a null point error within nodejs, thus causing the whole pipeline to break! It seems that I can never get away from null point errors, even in RUST! just kidding, it was all nodejs bullypoopy.


Going to update the template a bit more while the pipelines are building.

Added a dual layer to the footer, so that there is a static one at the bottom with more information and a floating footer that provides the legal information.

Next component to add into the template is the MDX hero that we had in the older KBVE.com repo. Maybe I should rewrite it again, because it seems to be the common thing that I been doing throughout this whole project.

I decided to make an extraction engine that would help with the default information! There are a couple things that I still need to resolve but this should help with creating abstracted content throughout the application.


It seems that I had entered package hell because of the amount of dependencies were all over the place, some of them not published, causing a weird vendor loop.

Nx Graph kept looking for version 0.1.2 of holy but the workspace had a version of 0.1.3, which caused a weird bug in the graphing system.

We will downgrade the Rust NX integration back to a working state for now, so we can move on.


Running the Rust WASM is currently with this command:

  • ./kbve.sh -nx rust_wasm_embed:trunkserve

I already updated the ReadMe with the command, incase I forget in the future!


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