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April: 05


Discord App Pitch!



There was a rude morning shift of plates by mothernature! She made the whole NYC shake a bit but it was just a mild wake up call for our natural fears.


There are a couple problems with the Discord App Embed that I want to work out and resolve, this includes how we are handling the different URL Mappings. For this quick session, I am going to take it apart and see if I can resolve it with Fish & Chip.

I am thinking that the first step would be to isolate the different folders and then work within that scope. kbve.com/public/embed/discord will be the main location for the embeds, then an additional folder for each DiscordEmbedSDK application. For this test case, we will have two, dreambound and fishchip, but I am open to expand it out to a couple more as I test case. I lied, I believe we will have a third folder for this test case well! Okay now let me start with the basics and work around that for this application.


After looking through the options for a mailserver, the one that stands out the most for what we are building is Stalwart. It has a rust backend and is supported through an EU grant for Open source technology, which is a huge +1 for the application. The software has a decent amount of progress and provides an all-in-one solution that we were looking for, however my bigger concern would be the amount of storage that email servers would take. We could address this concern by keeping the emails only for 72 hours and/or forwarding them over to our GMAILs, but this is all for a future date.