August : 02

Daily Log for August, 02 of each year.



  • 10:00am - My lunch is going to be epic, I am looking at 12 wings and a Philly cheese steak pizza!
  • 3:00pm - I am enjoying this pull back within the market! I am hoping we see tesla go back down to the low $200s, which would give me some time to grab a couple more cheaper LEAPs.
  • 5:35pm - The tag system and generating the relationships with those files are next on my task list. We could make the tag system built around the same MDX structure? We could automate the tags by looking through all the files? I am not too sure I want the tag system to rebuild each time we compile the website, maybe we could have the tag system run as its own yarn function.
  • 6:34pm - The Supabase and Pocketbase integrations with Appwrite might be a bit too much for what we are doing right this second but we are test casing a couple multi-api communication vectors. We are running pocketbase on the NodePy image but we have not yet setup the supabase.
  • 9:00pm - Okay I was able to get a local version of the supabase to run under Postgress, I am wondering if I could extend it out with some micro controllers without running into I/O locks. I suppose we could at least test case a read-only style replication but these options will be for later this month.


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