March: 15

15th of March. Jam Day


Fri Mar 15 2024 12:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)



[ ] - Prepare Discord Jam R&D [ ] - Travel Jam Repo



Travel Game Jam! We are thinking David Goliath or a boeing flappy bird style game, hmmm.

Bell just reminded me of the Mighty Max concept and maybe we could use that as a base concept for the game?

There are only 69 hours left in the jam, we got this!

The repo for the last mini game was under nextjs-react-fish-chip-built-request , now we could go ahead and create a new one.

Okay! The demo for the pipeline looks perfect, so time to test case this with the travelbox gamejam.

We will have to create a new react app with the vite bundler!

Run : pnpm nx g @nx/react:app react-phaser-travelbox --bundler=vite

Then we would update the ci-beta twith this code block.

            #   [React] -> Travel Box

            -   name: React Travel Box
                if: needs.alter.outputs.reacttravelbox == 'true'
                uses: ./.github/actions/kbve-shell
                    flag: '-build react-phaser-travelbox'
                    create_pull_request: true
                    github_token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
                    pull_request_title: 'react-travelbox-built-request'
                    pull_request_body: 'React TravelBox Built Request'

Now the game build itself, mapping out the menu will be easy and we can at least start from there. The configurations are next on the journy!

The first was the NX Project JSON for building out the application, which we can extend the project.json to help us handle it.

    "build": {
			"executor": "@nx/vite:build",
			"outputs": ["{options.outputPath}"],
			"defaultConfiguration": "production",
			"options": {
				"outputPath": "apps/kbve.com/public/embed/js/travelbox",
				"emptyOutDir": true
			"configurations": {
				"development": {
					"mode": "development"
				"production": {
					"mode": "production"

This way the game that gets built can go directly into the travelbox embed and we can work from there.

After setting up the build command within the nx project, ./kbve.sh -nx react-phaser-travelbox:build, we can add our rollup configurtions too.

      rollupOptions: {
        external: ['fs', 'path', 'process'],
        output: {
          // ES Module Output
          format: 'es', // ES module format
          // Change the output directory structure and naming
          entryFileNames: `travelbox.js`,
          chunkFileNames: `[name].js`,
          assetFileNames: `[name].[ext]`,

We will come back to this on a later date, probably need to adjust the configuration of the chunking, but it will get that initial file down.

Third step will be to make it so that we adjust the travelbox/index.astro to load the new travelbox build.

TravelBox Menu

Getting started on the TravelBox Menu? This will be the menu of the game, while I am trying to remember the different parts of the menu haha.

TravelBox GamePlay

The gameplay for the travelbox and the design around it will be a bit of a test casing for us.

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