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April: 27



I believe it is time to rewatch the whole Shrek series from start to finish! Not just the three main movies but all the side movies! I will become one with the shrek universe.


Oh let me swap the Ubuntu version to 22.04 and see if it works with that version! Let us push the build up from this point and see if it works.


The webmaster tool has only a couple links for an average website owner, I am going through the notes and looking for any other additional tools to add into it. Hmm, maybe afterward getting through the basics, we could add some special AI tooling? Like a tool that could go through the website and offer possible changes or improvements to the website?


The legal documents are still on the older template, I am going to swap them over to the new template. Afterwards, I will still have to dive deep and replace some of the static content from the template system, which I been doing slowly.


  • Spent most of the day cleaning up and preparing my luggage for the trip back to India.
  • Parker sent me this open source lawn mower, Open Mower and it really seems like a great idea down the line to look into. Imagine launching a landscaping business where you use robots to manage all the lawn care for your clients!
  • AppWrite integration test casing is probably where I will spend most of my time today on. I ran into some issues with the GraphQL and sending out verification emails. It seems that Ezoic keeps removing our SendGrid CNAME / information, thus putting our emails back into the spam folder.


The world makes way for the man who knows where he is going. — Ralph Waldo Emerson