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April: 04


Automation for the n8n is done! We are just going through the different endpoints to make sure that it works as planned.



Minor tweaks to the front page! Just to get the general flow out of the way.

The pictures for the slider below are terrible and need to be updated.

The carousel:highflyer:wave component was missing the slider varaibles, which would be the images that would be inserted into the gallery. I am thinking that we put the most basic images that will match the color scheme, mainly with the color of cyan.

For now, I am going to place a bunch of cyan-color based images from unsplash! In the future, I think we should try to build up our kbve unsplash profile and create a bunch of photographic art for everyone to use.


The plan for the day is to research the mailu instance!

It seems that the Mailu server does not support swarm. Here is the issue ticket as a reference, as it seems the maintainer does not plan on supporting the swarm. However they do have a k8s setup, so we could go down that route and use that for the mail server.

If Mailu is going to give us a problem, then we can shift over to the Docker MailServer, while test casing the mailu changes.

Here is the guide that we will be following and using as a reference.


The new 404 page will be ready by this weekend but I do need to focus on the Discord App Pitch, which might delay a bunch of progress on the website.