August : 29

Daily Log for August, 29 of each year.



  • 9:13am - Getting ready for the markets to open up, but before I do that, I should make sure everything is in sync. I will publish out this branch really quick before going a bit deeper into the deployments.
  • 12:40pm - It seems that everyone at work was pleased with the backup plan and writeup that I did, I played deeper into the “Trump” style presentation, keeping to simple and short words that got the point across. I r regarded.
  • 5:15pm - I am currently doing a bit of R&D on the different paths we could take for the file system management, which would also include the backup storage and the restoration. While my documentation can provide a decent roadmap for where we want to go, I think sometimes the time spent mapping out should not be overloaded because there will always be interesting and unique edge cases that will take a large chunk of time out of the implementation. This is just really a note to my future self on how to tackle those issues.


There is no greater harm than that of time wasted. — Michelangelo


  • Research File Management