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March: 10




I started to note out the socketio integration for the phaser engine. The goal here would be shift state management from client side to a hybrid model, allowing some more complex setups for the state.

One concept that I was thinking about earlier would be having live WPM competition amoung players, a bit similar to a fishing contest.

The other aspect would be to extend the KBVE site and the leaderboard concept, having some level of data would be great.


I also want to expand upon the characters and the lore related to them. We have two NPCs right now but they are just there as placeholders and lack a decent level of depth that would matter.

Preparing their back story, goals and general vibe within the Fish&Chip world is important, as it falls into the whole storyboard arc, but I want there to be a bit more chaos than structure.

Placing a form of structure would make sense on any authority or villain arch, but the random NPCs should have chaos built into their blood, or well code.


It would make the most sense to prepare the build path for the Phaser game. We will have the build be within the Alpha branch!

Lets open up the ci-alpha.yml and then make changes there for the build. The first step would be to check for file changes, via reactfishchip: ${{ steps.delta.outputs.reactfishchip_any_changed }}. Then we would run a build, pnpm nx build react-phaser-fish-chip. We should also grab the logs and cache misses from the nx.app runs but that will be a future note.

Damn I was mistaken, I need to place the build into the ci-beta branch instead, so I will migrate the changes over to the beta. An additional error that I noticed was that we would have to update the commands for the actual