March: 30

30th of March.


Sat Mar 30 2024 12:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)




It seems a couple routes for the kbve.com were not yet added, I am going to spend the day going through them all and adding anything that would be missing.

Some of the extra blog articles and documentation would be from the Google drive that we can pull and add into the blog content folder, but the different docs have to be converted to mdx._createMdxContent

Upon looking through the future blog posts that need to migrated, there are a couple embeds that are missing within the astro source code.


Going to update the discord page just a tad bit, maybe add an animation and fix the invite link to the Discord server. There might be an issue with the way that we are loading the lottie package, which I might have to defer or find a way to prevent it from blocking the main thread.


After fixing up the blog page, we would want to resolve the project page with all our active projects. I am going to just take the old source code and move it over to here, then make small changes here and there until it works out.

As we extend out the codebase, we want to make sure that we keep checking and syncing the code changes, via ./kbve.sh -nx kbve.com:sync and ./kbve.sh -nx kbve.com:check.

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