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February: 07




There was some gc and lock corruption with my git instance, which really wasted a ton of my time!

The way that I resolved it was by running these commands below, as a reference for myself in the future, when my git objects get messed up again.

cd .git/refs/remotes/origin/
rm patch-atomic-kbve-validator-fix-02-06-2024-1707281479
git gc --prune=now

I did have to reset the branch via a hard reset too but lets just make sure everything is back to normal. Going to push this through and hope that there are no issues with the pipeline.


I was able to finish the general character creation, which is basically inserting a generic character into the database. Afterwards, I am pulling that same character by an internal character name and rendering the data into the sheet. While the viewing of the character is done in a task style, I believe I might have to go back and do the character creation using that same spawn task style. I have not yet checked the performance for the image but that will be something that I want to look into as I expand the image, maybe include more abstract data?

One of the ideas was to show the character sheet’s inventory but that would be another query and I am not too sure if I want to do that yet.


Besides the generic character creation via a cookie session, in some cases, we can not store the cookie and need a way to create the character using a JWT. Also need to add block control over the character creation.

Okay, so spawn blocking is around all the diesel mysql operatings within the character creation! I also updated the validator, so that there would be a character limit in the general input, which we did at the regex level. Now the next option would be to double check the base operations around the sheet generation. I changed the query parameters to a path based, so that would be easier to unique generate character sheets, but I do need to finish adding more information onto the sheet, itself.

I still have not yet tackled the JWT character creation, which means that I have to create a new function around that too, because the parameters might be different, hmm.


Ah, time for Eves Guild DnD Campaign! I did not get a chance to get any new gear but currently we are explorering the cave basement, sadly I am not oiled enough for this adventure. Damn, the basement is wild, they are filled with fungus spiders, oh boi! I wonder if I can turn into Spiderman?! Before I swing, I will have to yet “Turn me into SpiderMeme Already!” Now I am thinking if the yeast from these fungal spiders would make some interesting wine.