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June: 14


Action Rant

The worst feeling about this whole github actions integration is that it does not make any sense to do all this extra work in 2024. The whole concept of making modular actions should be so much easier than this level of abstract bs. I can not wait to go back to doing anything else than sitting here and going through multiple loops of annoying steps to get something so generic to work. This now makes sense why there are all these startups that offer github based issue ticket services, if github spent a decent amount of time improving this horseload, it would be great. Enough ranting.


The json format for the github actions seems to be giving me some abstraction errors, so instead of passing the keywords as an array object, I will have it pass a URL. The URL will be the JSON location for the keyword / action combination, maybe later on, we can utilize that for some more interesting concepts. Okay, updated the github action to accept the keyword as a JSON location.


We will go ahead and deprecate the i-music-process.yml, merging it all into a single workflow that will handle everything related to mix-usage of atlas and issue tickets. When I was building this out earlier, I was thinking of having it be a bit more modular and yet I found it to overcomplicate the situation.

Ugh, it seems that I will have to rethink the way that I am building out these actions, I am going to move all the recent ones that I made back into the deprecated and start again fresh. This sucks but the amount of random bugs and issues that I am running into is way too high, almost nearly pointless in making any of the actions modular.


The next update that I want to do for this weekend is for the jukebox’s ability to play in background mode on the phones. This way I can listen to the music while my phone screen is closed off, there might still be some tweaks that will prevent this from happening.


The best solution that I can come up with would be to release a npm package under the @kbve/gha and then we will just call that for all our actions. I will make a bunch of custom functions within this library and then use action scripts to call it directly.

After updating the nx to do independent releases and adding the npm token, we can start adding in the npm release via the ci-main. Goal for this weekend will be to get @kbve/khashvault released and get the base of the @kbve/gha built out, I believe I should get bonus points if I can get both released without any issues. I should also look up the requirements for releasing the NPM package at an organization level, but there should not be any major problems in doing so. As for the documentation for each of the libraries, I believe we could link the @kbve/gha directly to our github actions section within git, even though it is javascript. Khashvault will go directly into the javascript mdx within application, with an id link in any specific areas.


  • 6:00am - Rise and Shine! Today will be an amazing day! I did not get as much sleep as I had hoped but I am feeling empowered and ready to tackle the world!
  • 8:00am - Going to take a break from the internet for a while, time to touch some grass.
  • 2:00pm - Back from my break, time to get to work. I believe today’s goal will be to get OneJS operational within the main branch of RogueJester and then start to fix up the UI/UX of the game, with something that will be a bit smoother on the eyes.
  • 3:00pm - Had to put the development stuff on hold because I need to call the Medicare office for my family friend. I need to figure out what type of insurance she has through Medicare? I am taking on this task as a test case / edge case for future problems that I might have to deal with. The queue is way too long, the hold music is painful and it feels like torture when calling Medicare aka the 1-800-633-4227.
  • 3:30pm - Turns out that we need to find her comprehensive supplemental insurance through the private market. This type of insurance would cover the 20% of the medical bill that Medicare does not cover, but there is a monthly cost for this type of private insurance. I will have to go through the existing providers and see which one would be the best for her.
  • 6:40pm - Updated the OneJS and Heathen SteamWorks into the dev-holy branch, now I am going to chill out and play some sessions of League.
  • 9:30pm - Did a bit of cleaning, removed a decent amount of bulk waste from the shed, basement and the guest room. Now I back to the basic of Unity while I train up my OSRS account!


I cannot make my days longer, so I strive to make them better. — Henry David Thoreau


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