July : 19

Daily Log for July, 19 of each year.



  • 11:41am - I am falling behind my virtual journal entries and keeping digital logs. I need to find a faster way to keep track of these, maybe split the journal md file location OR maybe keep the mac book open to keep logs on it without causing issues on my screeen.
  • 12:48pm - Trying to figure out the navigation / routing for RentEarth / React. There are a couple issues that I am running into, the biggest being the ability to change the path that the user is on.
  • 6:00pm - This is an earlier note that I missed to document, so the mini-charles , which we can refer to as Charlie has ran into some issues, the first being that the Windows instance where the container / docker would boot from has failed in multiple instances and honestly I think the hard drive is on its way out on the laptop. There is still a SSD but I took it out and have not yet placed it back in, I am thinking of just wiping the whole SSD and starting fresh with a desktop version of Ubuntu? I will have double check my notes and see what would be the best course of action for that situation. I really hate having to do edge case hardware but it is something that must be done and there really is not a ton of documentation out there on IoT laptops.
  • 9:00pm - An update on the Toyota offer that I made on a truck. The guy wanted around $30,000 for it and I said that I could do $20,000 right now but wouldn’t mind taking a look and seeing if I could find a middle ground, depending on how the truck performs. The idea would be to get the truck but work it out another company, so that the insurance for the truck would be under the company policy, rather than under my name. I do not mind buying a new truck but I really do not want to increase my monthly / semi-annual insurance premium by having another object to cover. This falls into the lack of abstract income to cover increases in my expenses, definitely if I want to afford trips to places like Japan or Amsterdam, both being within less than two years. One of the worst feelings is paying the insurance premium but never driving my tesla, like paying six months and then the car never moved, it just hurts my soul.


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