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May: 02


You give before you get. — Napoleon Hill


  • Get AstroJS -> Flutter SAPI Working.



Okay there were some problems with the pipeline that built out the rust_api_profile and the api, both of which need to get merged into one application. However when I will get to merging them and making them into a single uniformed application is a talk for another day! A dirty API is part of the hobby, err… I mean learning experience?


There was this classic music application that I had built in React, which would automatically play YT music from my own playlist, based upon my mood? Well I am thinking of brining that back and then adding a couple additional sounds that can be played in the background with the song. Maybe a bit of the ocean breeze or a flow of rain in the background, there are some concepts and styles that I want to integrate with this application. This is just a quick break from the usual flow!

There are two options that I could take with building this out, one would be to use WASM and have something run at a more native level OR stick with using a javascript framework. My current plan is just work with a generic js framework, maybe later on I will make a more customized option? Hmm, okay so let us go with svelte!

The question now is where do I want to place the application, I am thinking that placing it within /tools/ and /music/ would make sense. Basically have the tool located in multiple locations, with /tools/ giving more a generic feedback regrading the tool, including the developer display, while having /music/ be more public facing.

Expanding out the music section is also in the works, how I will go about doing that is whole quest in itself.


  • I spent a sold amount of time getting the hang of Flutter again. The amount of times I have seen the word widget has driven me insane.
  • Morning ? Mid : Spent some time walking around a small park and finally had a frankie and it was okay, not as hot as I had hoped but the flavor made up for it.
  • Mid Day: Ezoic just fixed the email server issue! w00t! I can finally send emails without them going into spam xD!
  • 5:15pm - I am chilling at the local library and trying to integrate a client-side database inside of Flutter. Part of me enjoys the abusive relationship because it feels great to resolve the bugs but at the same time, it slowly feeds into my Sith viewpoint of Google. They really have an amazing framework but damn, they really know how to drop the ball in certain areas. If it were not for some of the cool people that I have met through my fluffy flutter adventures, I would have definitely just jump ship and head over to react native or just skip straight to Unity.