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January: 17



  • 11:00am - WORK


    Getting ready for another interesting meeting where we will be looking over the encryption migrations. I want to push forward more PGP outside of the email scope and for communication within other applications. However this might be easier for me to show how to do it than explain why we should do it.

  • 3:20pm - crates


    The build yesterday failed because I did not link the holy crate with a version. I am going to update that with this push and then switch over to the kbve crate. Added the README.md and updated the Cargo.toml, now I am going to add the action to publish and minor bump the KBVE crate. There were some minor errors that I had to overlook, the first was making sure that the report that gets generated includes an Unix timestamp. We want to always have a new pull request made when there is a push to the main, that pull request should be the nx report for the monorepo. As of now, we have three crates that we are currently producing from this monorepo. kbve - This is the Axum / Diesel backend crate, that provides basic boilerplating and will be extended as the backend gets more features. erust - This is a Rust egui / eframe helper, which will include a state management that we can utilize. holy - This is a Rust proc marco crate that will help with automating some of the rust code.

    With these three out of the way, we can look at continue to build out the applications within this repo! Now I am thinking of expanding the branches out, I might go back to the older structure of the tree. Currently we have a main and dev setup but adding two more branches, alpha and beta might make sense as we build out the pipeline. The staging would then look like dev -> alpha -> beta -> main. With the two additional stages, I could migrate some of the pipeline features into those areas, without causing too many problems. I believe we could then move the saber build out of dev and look at shipping only an alpha build, speeding up the checks on the dev branch as well. As for the beta branch, this is where we could include the WASM / JS embed builds that would then go back into the dev branch to prepare for production. The cycle feels a bit weird to write out, but it does make sense in my head. I just need to make sure everything adds up before splitting the branch up a bit more.


“.” —


  • - Finish up kbve crate.