September : 18

Daily Log for September, 18 of each year.



  • 9:34am - Backups are working great! Yes! I am surprised how easy it has become with all these new reference points and documents out there, I am actually really content with how an area that is the least serve, has so many improvements xD.
  • 2:01pm - Re-organizing the repo so that it is a bit easier to use in the future, including the part where I would add in abstract functions. I think isolating the Appwrite functions as their own repo was a good initial idea but now I am thinking of combining them all into one and then seeing where we can go from there.
  • 3:47pm - Got most of the Appwrite functions resolved and now I am going to merge the functions into the repo, under the /public/ folder. The plan now will be to build out a bunch of different appwrite functions, then fine-tune train against them all so that we could have our own LLM build appwrite functions? This will be a wild project but I am all for it.
  • 7:32pm - There were some minor changes that I need to do with the repo but for now I am focused on getting the functions operational.


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