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March: 03




The final day of the game jam! We got only a couple hours before the submission, so we need to make sure everything is good to go!

The two major things left are shifting the tilesets with the new ones and then submitting the game.

After game submission, I will go back and update the game to resolve any bugs.

It seems that the character sheet is missing some tilesets but other than that its good to go!

Archandroid fixed up the character sheet with the matching colors! So now that the character matches with the rest of the game, I am going to finish up the pipeline checks and then go back to the Itch page.

For the game credits, we will have to include all the people that help with the changes.

Developers would be:

  • BChip
  • h0lybyte
  • David

Then for the 2D artists, we have:

  • ArchanDroid - Sprite
  • Nezt50 - Tiles
  • Retornodomal - Menu

Now for the itch page, there are a couple files that we need for the submission page.

For credits, we need to reference the original assets:

Original placeholder assets are from https://finalbossblues.com/ and were modified by Annoraaq, Raiper34, splashsky, therebelrobot and xLink.

Phaser loaded via Astro. React / TailWindCSS.

I noticed that the scrollbar appears in the frame, maybe I need to disable that within the internal iframe?

Inside of the page.tsx, I updated the Iframe code.

    <iframe src="https://kbve.com/arcade/fishchip/itch/" height="1024px" width="100%" frameBorder="0" scrolling="no" >Your browser doesnot support iframes<a href="https://kbve.com/arcade/fishchip/"> click here to view the page directly. </a></iframe>

I am getting type errors for the frameBorder and scrolling, as it seems to be no longer valid, hmm, given the time limit, I will just skip them.

I think we can keep this the way it is for now and then come back to it later, probably after the jam is over.


By popular demand, we patched up the movement so that it would also include the W A S D keys. I normally kept this out because I thought it might conflict with the minigames but that was just a minor error on my part.

The patch to add the W A S D was just checking for the keys being down and then having the engine move the asset.


I went through the start of the inventory proof of concept! I am aware that there might be some issues with how to handle it via iframe.