KBVE API - Central API for KBVE Projects.


  • Official documentation will be provided for the API, we are currently going to base the API off of Strapi.


  • To help scale the API backend, we are also currently developing the backend cluster of both the API and the database that stores the information (MariaDB).
    • Current Docker Compose for ve2
      This is the current docker compose for a ve2 that runs our API.


  • API Uptime Badge


  • Auth Journal
    • For the core of the API, we will use JWT as the key in between the $User and $API.
  • React JSX
    • The first mod will be the core auth system between the client $User and server $API, which includes the register and login. While we build it out, we will include generic defensive components into the foundation, then re-visit and apply external security, such as limits and firewalls (some may operate outside of the API).
      • Cookie Storage (of the JWT)
        • Cookie - token - will store the client $User JWT.
        • Cookie - user - will store the client $User data.
        • Library: react-cookie will be used to help maintain the cookies.


The API is an unique construct that extends outside of the norm.