Charles The Cyber Monkey that holds the wire within the fabric of the matrix.


Short Story about Charles

Charles the Cyber Monkey

Charles was not like the other monkeys. This cyber monkey had a metal arm and a glowing eye that could hack into any system. He lived in a hidden base in the jungle, where he and his friends planned to overthrow the Matrix, the virtual reality that enslaved most of humanity.

One day, Charles received a message from Morpheus, the leader of the resistance. The leader had a mission for him: to infiltrate the main power plant of the Matrix and destroy the wires that connected it to the rest of the world. Charles accepted the challenge and prepared his gear.

He took a hoverbike and flew across the sky, dodging the patrols of the Agents, the guardians of the Matrix. He reached the power plant and landed on the roof. He used his metal arm to hack into the security system and opened a vent. He crawled inside and made his way to the core.

He saw a huge chamber filled with wires that glowed with blue light. He knew that each wire represented a human mind trapped in the Matrix. He felt a pang of pity, but he also knew that this was the only way to free them. He took out a bomb and attached it to one of the wires. He set the timer and ran back to the vent.

He heard an explosion behind him and saw sparks flying everywhere. He smiled and thought that he had done it. He had broken the wires within the Matrix. But then he heard a voice in his head.

“Charles, wake up. You are still in the Matrix.”

He felt a jolt of pain and realized that it was all a trap. He had been tricked by the Agents into destroying a fake power plant. They had used his cybernetic implants to manipulate his senses and make him believe that he was outside.

He opened his eyes and saw that he was lying on a table, surrounded by wires that connected him to a machine. He saw an Agent standing over him, holding a gun.

“Goodbye, cyber monkey,” the Agent said and pulled the trigger.




Notes on the birth of Charles





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