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March: 31




I spent most of the day fixing up the front page and learning about a couple different libraries. I hate having to rebuild our website all over again from scratch, but it seems that it might be the best move to help us moving forward with a production ready site. While I am building the site out, I also started to process the migration of rent earth to the monorepo, as well as a couple secret projects that I want to launch this summer.


I might have to take a break from the software side, mainly the front-end and go either back to doing backend or maybe an embedable device? The UX/UI session is always fun but doing responsive design can become annoying and a huge time waste, definitely when minor screen aspects become super annoying! For hardware, I am most likely going to focus on the flipper zero or maybe an orage pi cluster? Hmm, I will have to think it through and maybe land on a robot?


Preparing for the Discord App 2024! We will be building a 3D style game and hopefully we get far with the build?! There might be concerns with how the project will go but I am thinking we can get far, as long as we focus on the mission at hand.


There are three really cool and amazing codepens that I found!

All of the three were amazing! I am thinking of taking them apart and adding them into the Astro VE library as a reference for future projects.