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May: 11



I believe the best way to start a Saturday morning is jamming to music and maybe even making a couple beats. With that being said, the jukebox is overdue for some minor graphical updates and a decent music dump should be added.

The genre of focus will be DnB? or should I go out of the electro realm and maybe do some Rock/Metal? Oh options, thoughts and ideas! Let me S-S-S and maybe as the water flows through my hair, I will come up with a good game plan for the day!

To fix the buttons, we just had to pass the border class name and to add a bit of fun, I will throw in a quick hover:scale-110.

Okay! Cleaned up a bit more of the /music/ MDX file and added more information, hopefully making it a better to understand.

Going through each of the songs from the DnB playlist, I think it might be time to add a couple other genres to the player!

Electro Swing and Indie are the next two that I want to add and expand upon.


I will have to go back and refactor some of the code, removing the match and using a ?-mark operator instead. This was long overdue, but I think I have enough time to refactor it all without breaking anything.


Time to play a quick league match, it will be weird once the split hits and all the items get changed up again. But 2nd tier upgraded boots!?! I am super excited to see what this will bring to the gameplay. The game is turning into trash.


Time to add some drum and bass! There is about 700 songs that I would like to parse through and add, but the amount of time to listen to them all and making sure they are worthy of going to the jukebox. I should have a vote system or feedback? At least to help remove any songs that might not be up anymore, hmm.

Cypress Preparing the error testing and making sure that the tests will work.