July : 24

Daily Log for July, 24 of each year.



  • 5:45am - The morning was a bit too hot for my blood, I made the mistake of not running the AC over night at a set temp, but I woke up in a pool of sodium-fused run off. The goal for today will be to keep things simple and hit a couple minor tasks.
  • 7:00am - The bald spot has been increasing, I can no longer deny it, after getting out of the shower, I nearly saw my future bald self, I will have to… I am sorry, I must get stronger. The difference in self confidence will be depend on my ability to morph into the Rock or become a hermit buddha.
  • 12:00pm - Roll my weekly option contracts and then take the credits! I will have a bit of a slow week, I am only looking at around $500~ in profits, as I am slowly diminishing my cash reserves a bit too fast. Ideally I would want to slow it down, but there are only so many cuts that I can make and the generation of income has also been growing too slow. I made notes of this earlier but need to get back on the grind.
  • 2:00pm - I am test casing the patch system but there are a couple things that I am already not a big fan of! The current bug that is driving me a bit nuts is why can’t codesee’s graph generation proc faster? I am thinking that I should experiment a bit with their action? Maybe I should merge their action with the patch pull action? It would be worth a shot to see what would happen. Furthermore, I need to start moving the needle on the backend auto-deployment and tackle some of the unique bugs that I know will come up.
  • 3:20pm - Taking a bit of a programming / dev break and looking over my MTG card/deck. I am really thinking that I should build my trump and yoda deck before I play in person again. Both of the decks will be about 100 cards each and follow the EDH format, but I play with cool people, so proxy cards are always acceptable. I refuse to spend too much money on MTG cards and honestly puttin Trump onto the field and letting my friends destroy him, has its own unique taste to it. The coolest part about the deck is that I get to spawn Trump walls, which only make Trump stronger too lmfao.
  • 8:15pm - Mini Charles aka Charlie needs to come back online as well. I started to plug some of the base components within the older StormTrooper PC Tower, the good news is that it turns on but the neutral news is that we are not too sure how well it can run and there are way too many spider webs. If any PC gamer saw what I have done to this machine, dear lord.
  • 8:32pm - Updating my daily journal and then going to push through the addition of codesee to the patch workflow action, let us see if that was worth wild.


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