June : 26

Daily Log for June, 26 of each year.



  • 6:00am - Early grind for the day! Going to focus most of the day on resolving the Steam issues for Unity and looking to optimize the load scenes. I am hoping to make the shift between different scenes a bit faster and add a bit of an aesthetic to it as well. I will not be doing this all from scratch but rather looking through existing references, so that I do not get too lost in the sauce.
  • 11:00am - Currently sitting through a quick RJ meeting and going through a lot of the older issue tickets. After spending some time on the Unity project, it would make sense for me to review through the issues that are currently open on KBVE.com and see what progress I can make with each one.
  • 12:30pm - Reviewing over the humble bundle, I did notice that we forgot to add the notes onto our website. We could make a section for deals? Then under the deals, we could keep a track record / log of anything worth wild that we can share in the future. The concept or idea behind a deals section would be something that we can talk about in a future casual meeting.
  • 3:00pm - Watching TSLA correct itself for the short term is interesting, from almost hitting the $270 mark to slowly going back down to the $250 mark. I do have 3 puts for this week on $TSLA at @ $250.00 , which means I will most likely be assigned another 300 shares for $75K. If it does happen, I will just sell another set of weekly call options against them. I was assigned on SPY about 3 times, so I do have about 300 shares of SPY at around 440 mark that I do need to get rid, to shore up some of the cash reserves. I believe a couple loses might mean that I need to take a break from the cover puts and look into riding out a couple weeks. I might need a couple more paychecks to bring my cash reserve back up to a level that I would feel a bit more comfortable, as of right now I have only about $110K cash, with $75K set aside for the put. This is the dangerous part because in this market, you do not want to go into margin, as the interest rate will eat away at your profits. I suppose this could give me the motivation to get that extra jay jawn faster, as one of my goals for 2023 was to have a liquid cash pool of $200K. Since it is already been half the year, it would make sense that I shift focus and resolve that issue.
  • 5:00pm - Need to plan a quick trip for Coffee, Red Bulls and Seltzer. These are my three core powerups and probably what keeps me going, aside for any additional matter-based intake.
  • 7:00pm - I am looking over the notes for our meeting and realized that I would need to look further into the currency concept for RJ and KBVE as a whole. This has been something that we ran in the past and an issue that would have to be resolved before anything major, such as offering a SaaS style system in the future? The current notes that I have would be more towards a 3 tier style system, where I talked about using KHASH, CREDD and COUPON as the terms to define them. When I was talking to a local investor, she was extremely fond of the coupon style concept but was on the fence about the khash and credd, yet from asking a couple developers, they found the khash and credd style to be a bit more forward and the coupon style to be a bit lack luster. I suppose I will have to think it through before I move forward, given that a decent amount of my side wealth may be attached to the internal cogs of this system. I am usually not a fan of placing my own capital at a large risk, as it could hurt the existing projects, thus looping back, maybe it makes sense to stock pile a larger capital reserve. This would mean that we start cutting down in expenses as soon as possible. I guess the homework for this week would be to review all my current costs and see where I can cut expenses as fast as I can, then at the same time, look at places and areas where I can generate more capital? It does sound simple when I write it down, but it can become an extremely painful and dull process within the larger scope. Yet it is always better to do it now, when we have a health budget.


They can conquer who believe they can. — Virgil


  • - Clean Washing Machine
  • - Allocate 3 hours of R&D on the Unity Project
  • - Resolve Branch Merging - I will skip this task for the day.