July : 21

Daily Log for July, 21 of each year.



  • 9:00am - Going to do a couple quick rounds of the H but honestly it seems to be getting a bit boring and out of place. I definitely need something a bit more rewarding or well obtuse, maybe it might be time to hit that cookie clicker flow per say.
  • 12:20pm - Friday! Time to roll some of the TSLA calls/puts out for another week, I have to be careful on how far out I extend them, as I only have a couple thousand dollars to work with. This is okay for the time being as my REITs monthly income has been growing really well this past few months but I want it to grow faster. I should aim for around $10,000 a month within the next 2-3 years.
  • 1:14pm - Going to run a couple quick games of the new Arena game mode on League of Legends aka the H. As for the official plans, I believe moving forward we will be naming the game RentEarth as we build out the website.
  • 10:54pm - Went through a decent chunk of the backlogs, addressing a couple major concerns and I will have another chunk to add into the current list. There was a Coolify issue that I needed to address, which caused an error in the way we were storing the secrets, but a quick roll back was able to handle that. This does mean that I will have to look over the backup system and maybe implement a whole new one.
  • 11:50pm / EOD - The credit structure will still remain the same as of right now. $1.00 = 1,000,000 , $0.10 = 100,000 and $0.01 = 1,000. With the creation of the database, the documentation will look like this $1.00 = 1M , $0.10 = 100K and $0.01 = 1K as short hand notation. We currently have a couple bulk orders that we can process once we launch the credit system, I am just being extremely careful on how I approach this, as any mistake in this area could cause a major upset / problem later down the line. I did make a promise-style note for the first bulk batches to be discounted for certain early groups, with the condition that these bulk credits would only be used for KBVE services and not re-sold.


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  • Backlog Clean Up