March: 09

March 9th!


Sat Mar 09 2024 12:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)




The state management is important for all our applications, I am thinking that it might make sense to migrate it all into its own library.

Right now the state management is in the astro-ve sub section but we could migrate that out into its own library? Isolating the types and state management will make it easier to blend data types and move between Astro, React, Phaser, ect…

So the plan is to move the kbve.ts , storage.ts and a couple of those files out of astro-ve and into their own library.

For now we are calling them via data/scores.tsx but I can already tell this will not work in the longer term.


The websocket game. Getting the sockets to work on the client side and server side will be interesting because I also wanted gRPC to work too. What I might do is first do the web sockets and then maybe do the gRPC afterwards? How far of a multiplayer game do we need to make this? Hmm.


I hate having to go through all the adsense policy changes, but the big ones seem to be for light content and general lack of flow.

I am thinking I should at least add multiplayer for the Phaser game and try to sneak in a couple different concepts, maybe like a leaderboard and see what we can do from there.


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