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June: 04



Migrating all the extremely old astro components to the AstroPad, then going back and moving in the newer Astro VE and finally moving some of the AstroAzure components into the library.

After these changs, we can aim for a NPM release! Having them all within their own package will make it easier to use in the future as well!


I am adding a bunch of different workshop mods and then I will package them into a zip or something like that, so it would be easier to move them around.

Having a dedicated multiplayer server would be extremely cool, so that anyone can connect and play on the instance. Ideally we would want to make sure that the mods do not cause a desync but we could fix around those errors too using python.

Open CV automation for the main host would be really cool but might be a bit too much for the time being.


A simple bash script to help automate the edit of the mdx when a new track is found.

We can expand upon it as we slowly build it out but it will help move the process of adding new songs.

I suppose we could have the script also grab the title from the tag by just using curl to grab the youtube link and then grab the title?

That might be worth an update down the line after getting it to work at this basic level.

The way we would run the command would be like this:

./kbve.sh -nx kbve.com:music --args="--file=edm --title='Fred again.. - Billie (Loving Arms)' --ytid=XqUZcHBsU5I"

So if I want to add a new song, then I would so just run this command,

./kbve.sh -nx kbve.com:music --args="--file=chillstep --title='Frank Ocean x Moderat - Chanel x A New Error (Fred Again Mashup Remake)' --ytid=zM0YGiaRfko"

Okay, it was able to edit the file with the new song. Now let us see if it can do it again with another song?

./kbve.sh -nx kbve.com:music --args="--file=chillstep --title='Bon Iver - Perth (JacM Chillstep Remix)' --ytid=BJ1WADbGYIE"

Okay so we can have it add songs back to back. Now the next step would be to create a branch for each additional song that gets added?

There could be a couple ways we could go about it. Let me get some quick rest before doing the next couple set. Before I forget, let me commit the other song on my list.

./kbve.sh -nx kbve.com:music --args="--file=chillstep --title='Tep No - Pacing (Elkoe Remix)' --ytid=BA01rTCQ3Bk"

Forgot that Elkoe had a Dust bootleg floating around!

./kbve.sh -nx kbve.com:music --args="--file=chillstep --title='Elkoe - Dust (Bootleg)' --ytid=1ty84eT-PAo"


  • 7:00am - Most of the morning was spent looking into how I should handle svelte within this kbve.com repo, but I need to open up Unity and dive a bit deeper into that workflow. I was able to clear up the invoice for Silver and we should be holding a meeting later today regarding the future of the game.

  • 9:00am - Looking over the UI/UX and there are a couple things that we could improve upon, including the mini-map and general flow of information on the screen.

  • 12:00pm - RJ Meeting! I will come back to this aspect and update the notes regarding this issue.

  • 4:00pm - Going to try the Unity Cloud build and hopefully it will be able to build the application without any major issues. I will have to look into how to setup the whole Unity DevOps, but from my basic understanding, it looks pretty straight forward! We might try and have both repos active, one on Github and one of Unity cloud but it might end up becoming a bit too costly to run in the long term.


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  • - Fix the Git LFS / Github build issue with Unity. UPDATE: This task was just removed from our log.
  • - Integrate Unity Cloud builder for RougeJester.