August : 01

Daily Log for August, 01 of each year.



  • 4:34am - I got up super early and started to work on the svelte migration for the react components. I also wanted to see the pre-market but I am a bit off-put with the current situation, I believe we are in the perfect mixture of events that create a decent chunk of profits for the irons condor gangs.
  • 2:28pm - Doing a couple quick syncs within the public and private repos.
  • 3:29pm - Okay got my mother back from the dentist, it has been like three trips so far but everything is good to go. She feels better and that is one less stress point that I have to deal with.
  • 3:34pm - I should look into setting up certain changes via github actions, going to map out two or three to build in the future.


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