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June: 05



Adding the Rock genre to the jukebox and damn, it is such a pain to label music. Do I want to include folk or maybe blues, ugh, I will just throw it all into this label for now and move forward.

We want the jukebox to focus on unique and outcast style music, things within the indie nature or music that is tough to find from the mainstream.

The overall goal of the jukebox is not to compete or replace any pandora or spotify, but rather help people find and listen to unique music that would be super fast.

./kbve.sh -nx kbve.com:music --args="--file=dnb --title='Ray Volpe - Laserbeam (ÆON:MODE Remix)' --ytid=jjoos7UMfe4"

Expanding the music collection will take some time but I am enjoying the little bits of adding unique songs here and there.

./kbve.sh -nx kbve.com:music --args="--file=nujazz --title='Lord Apex - Love Me or Hate Me' --ytid=86ukyi4w6rY"

Add in the Yamashita!

./kbve.sh -nx kbve.com:music --args="--file=nujazz --title='MF DOOM X Yamashita - Rae Sparkle' --ytid=_b99ARr8Zmk"

The next couple songs that I need to add are the:

  • Windy Ladies
  • Dancer Ain’t Nothing , ah found it! Yes!
  • Melody Go Round - Also found this one, remastered too, yessir!
  • Great Slider
  • Air Book - got it!

Command example of adding these songs are below:

./kbve.sh -nx kbve.com:music --args="--file=nujazz --title='MF DOOM x Yamashita x Tanda - Dancer Aint Nothing' --ytid=qAnNPGUhOws"

./kbve.sh -nx kbve.com:music --args="--file=nujazz --title='MF DOOM x Tatsuro Yamashita x Tanda - Melody Go Round ' --ytid=ojGwEt5e44A"

./kbve.sh -nx kbve.com:music --args="--file=nujazz --title='MF DOOM x Tatsuro Yamashita x Tanda - Air Book' --ytid=kYu9GLhHme8"

So the only two songs that are missing are the Windy Ladies and the Great Slider, I will try to upload those into the KBVE YouTube channel and then come back around and throw them in here.

Oh! I remember this great nujazz style song that we could add into the document.

./kbve.sh -nx kbve.com:music --args="--file=nujazz --title='ZHU - Paradise Awaits (LCAW Remix)' --ytid=iKW41jbJcWM"

Perfect! This way I can continue to work on different areas at the same time too.

Let me add the white flag next :D

./kbve.sh -nx kbve.com:music --args="--file=dnb --title='Delta Heavy - White Flag VIP' --ytid=3YHNTXYLn8k"

Now I am testing the groq.com api to help me generate the commands, just to double check and it is doing a great job!

./kbve.sh -nx kbve.com:music --args="--file=nujazz --title='Matty Rico - Topic' --ytid=SfgLPHM-hMY"

Now there are some changes that I still need to make in the prompt but by providing more examples , it was able to handle it without any concern.


Updating the Graph MDX under Projects because it might have been lost in a stash.

We can start with adding a basic outline and then add any additional information that we would need.


Going to take some time and update the Cryptocurrency section on KBVE.

There are a couple cool tools that I could add into the page but for now getting the most basic information thrown onto it would be the move.


  • 7:00am - Most of the morning was spent looking into how I should handle svelte within this kbve.com repo, but I need to open up Unity and dive a bit deeper into that workflow. I was able to clear up the invoice for Silver and we should be holding a meeting later today regarding the future of the game.

  • 9:00am - Looking over the UI/UX and there are a couple things that we could improve upon, including the mini-map and general flow of information on the screen.

  • 12:00pm - RJ Meeting! I will come back to this aspect and update the notes regarding this issue.

  • 4:00pm - Going to try the Unity Cloud build and hopefully it will be able to build the application without any major issues. I will have to look into how to setup the whole Unity DevOps, but from my basic understanding, it looks pretty straight forward! We might try and have both repos active, one on Github and one of Unity cloud but it might end up becoming a bit too costly to run in the long term.


The person who lives life fully, glowing with life’s energy, is the person who lives a successful life. — Daisaku Ikeda


  • - Fix the Git LFS / Github build issue with Unity. UPDATE: This task was just removed from our log.
  • - Integrate Unity Cloud builder for RougeJester.