August : 05

Daily Log for August, 05 of each year.



  • 4:40pm - The first couple of Ubuntu GitLab actions had worked fine but a couple of the latter
  • 6:45pm - All my chores are done and I believe it might be time for a couple quick league matches. I did some off the record journal entries because I wanted to take a bit of a break from the screen, so I will have to migrate them back to this md document. I feel like this is one of the only major drawbacks with doing a daily journal, it is trying to remember to take your physical notes and then convert them over to a digital format. I suppose the other side of it is realizing some of the notes are a bit stupid, but then again, even if they are a bit out of the norm, it might still make sense to document them.
  • 6:49pm - Should I go AP shaco or another round of tank shaco? Hmm, I also think the two new skins are okay, they could have done a bit more with the effects, I feel like the animation game was a bit weak but that might be just on my end. About to hit that 2 million mastery, which is a bit scary to think about.
  • 6:59pm - After I finish up the tag system, I should go back and refactor some of the media content, maybe that might give me a really good static API base to work with. One of the random ideas that I was thinking to add into the Discord music bot was to pull the json data for the YouTube content and basically play music from those tags? I could do a musicbot specific tag and extend it out? Hmm, I suppose how would I go about a duel tag search, so if object is on tag A and tag B? I guess this goes into the relationship style of tagging, such that, multiple entities could be linked via cross-tag. These are some questions that I have to think through as I build it out.
  • 9:51pm - Seeing Futurama come back after being canceled over and over, I am surprised and somewhat glad the show is back… ugh again after being canceled? So far it is exactly the perfect balance of science and meme.
  • 10:36pm - Going to sync the patch and preparing the next patch for tomorrow..
  • 11:30pm - I should look into libraries that help the movement of the mouse, the two that I was looking at where pyHM and WindMouse, both could be combined into just one unique package? I suppose this would be something that we would operate under NodePy later down the line, in terms of automation as well.


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