July : 20

Daily Log for July, 20 of each year.



  • 8:00am - I had a feeling that TSLA would have stayed at around $280 to $300 mark, did not expect it to dip well below that mark. Even with decent earnings, I did not expect the hype train to slow down but I guess operating margins decreasing could spook some investors.
  • 3:00pm - I am thinking of migrating certain aspects of the form design into its own tsx library that I can reference in the future without any major issues. The Form.tsx will be the first rewrite before I do it again when migrating to the DF.tsx , however I did want to implement a modal / toast system for the form submission, which would make sense to do inside of the FormForm concept, furthermore I suppose I could also add validation down the line within the component. Extending out some of the features will be interesting too, definitely once it comes to certain cloud functions, which I will be excited to do! I do want to reuse some of these template and eco-system later down the line for another application or two. We could extend it to RareIcon, CityVote, Herbmail and several other projects within this year. As for generating revenue and marketing, I am aiming to get that going in August, at least a decent sized pipeline towards promoting the application. We can spend a whole year or more in development hell but getting users and feedback will be very vital.
  • 4:50pm - There are a couple concepts that we were thinking for FormForm, including what type of content should be passed through the form, including if there should be an id for the form, a default message and the general scope of the fields and the trigger. I still need to work on how I handle the typescript, as it is still something that I am not 100% familiar with and/or confident to an extent. I am also thinking of deleting the DF component for the time being but that might be later on the line.
  • 5:22pm - We could look at the removal of the app folder later down the line too. I should make an issue ticket with this down the line. As for the main issues that I am facing with Tamagui, it seems that they have resolved them but placed them under a private code base / license that would make things a bit more difficult for me to use when working on an open source project, so I will have to get a bit creative with how I want to handle this. I am going to avoid any additional purchases for now doe.
  • 5:43pm - I think I should look into extending out the validation through the FormField within the Form.jsx and include a type that would be under the validation? Okay the general FormForm proof of concept was added into the Login screen but we would have to migrate the useEffect from React out of the whole flow, so I am thinking we could migrate that logic into the action or task system within the nano stores? That would resolve some of future performance issues with calling too many renders. I suppose the next step would be to look over the VE class that I was looking at before and see if I could implement a way to handle that without issues.


Nothing could be worse than the fear that one had given up too soon and left one unexpended effort that might have saved the world. — Jane Addams


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