April : 22

Daily Log for 2023-04-22



  • Finished getting my PAN number in India and all my accounts are open! Time to plan and start to generate Rupees. I can generate about 5 Lakhs or 500,000 rupees tax free each year, so I guess that will be the current goal. Furthermore, UPI seems to come to US / International numbers at the end of this month.
  • Currently looking over the Astro repo on AppWrite, which is located here, https://github.com/appwrite/demos-for-astro/ and the specific file of interest is in their lib folder, appwrite.ts.
  • I went ahead and added their AppWrite.ts file into the KBVE repo and going through it. The concept seems pretty straight forward and we have not ran into any major issues so far.
  • Following up on this story from @Fudster, Colorado Accepts Crypto for State Taxes It is nice to see the organic growth of crypto from the gov. entity side. Accroding to their website, they accept crypto payments through PayPal Cryptocurrencies Hub and the official guidelines can be seen on their payment portal.
  • Back on the AppWrite integration, I believe their might be CORS issues between the API/AP (https://ap.kbve.com/) and the main website, https://kbve.com/. The first move would be to get the user management resolved, including the


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  • Schedule cleaning services.