September : 12

Daily Log for September, 12 of each year.



  • 8:49am - Backend updates should be automated but I am running into a couple different issues, including the backups and data management. The next move would be to build out self-hosted Github runners that we could call within the repo? They would handle the migration of data but outside the scope or control of Github. Furthermore, I think there should be a backup plan for the Github repos themselves, which I have noted.
  • 11:30am - First time in a while where we had a solid lunch with the co-workers, I am always excited to hear the interesting hobbies that people are involved in! I did not know that you could easily build your own in-house hardware because circuit boards can be printed on demand per unit?! I knew it was a service but never realized that it is not just a B2B but a growing B2C operations.
  • 1:09pm - Watching the Apple event! It makes me want to make apps for their products a bit more, its like a motivational speech for tech nerds.
  • 1:36pm - Adding Scene management into virtual engine file, I am also thinking of just making the whole VE file be something that I can reference almost anywhere in the future. It feels weird to merge everything into just one file but slowly it just seems to make more sense as I am going through it.


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