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January: 22



  • 12:00pm - WorkPlay


    Tell me how I spent most of my time just AFK farming on Palworld while listening to random people talk in meetings. After a quick lunch break, I am going to take a quick nap and then focus on learning how to pipeline the Rust WASM. Now the question becomes, what should I have for lunch? Honestly watching myself butcher a bunch of Palworld monsters… uhhh really did not make me want to eat anything meat related lmao. I will do quick greek yogurt smoothie and a spicy salad.

  • 4:00pm - Apple


    It looks like I am going to be forced to sell a couple blocks of my Apple shares at around $190 each. At first, I felt that it might be a bit rough on my books to handle the sale, but majority of those shares were on margin. The net profit from the block sale should offset the interest that I was paying to hold those shares, but I really wish I had the script sell the shares for a bit more. I am currently looking at a way to do a combination of cover calls with poorman calls and a hail mary call.

    A poor man’s cover call is basically a long dated call option, think 2025, that we then sell smaller dated call options against. A hail mary call is a really far dated call and strike, usually the goal would be to take advantage of stock price surges, which can easily net a couple points in the wallet.

    Granted these are just side notes for myself and makes it easier to organize the future hedgefund that is in my mind.

  • 11:00pm - HerbWASM


    I ended up missing my goal for the weekend, so I should focus on catching up on my own personal goals. I do not want to blame Palworld but having double digit hours does not help haha. Actually since the game came out, I am definitely past the 24 hour mark of playing the game, granted that does include some AFK farming.

    So there would be a couple scripts that we would would execute through the shell. The first would be the initial setup, so we would do:

    • [1] Trunk Setup -> ./kbve.sh -nx rust_wasm_embed:trunksetup
    • [2] Trunk Release -> ./kbve.sh -nx rust_wasm_embed:trunkrelease
    • [3] Herbmail Pipeline -> ./kbve.sh -nx rust_wasm_embed:pipe

    After that we would need to pull the hash of the completed files, so that we can store them.

    So lets expand the pipeline to include the SRI hash of the files that get generated. We are getting the sha integrity from the produced files and the unique hash wasm variables.