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May: 21



Nothing says a great morning like starting up the day with a docker instance!

Instead of writing the notes out here on how I fixed it, I think I will get into the habit of updating the documentation around the Docker problem. This time it was migrating over to the buildx platform, which now that I think about it, ugh it does make sense why this is now part of docker. The whole ARM / x86 situation is rough for us developers but it keeps food on the table.

When expanding the buildx documentation, I did not include a working step by step example of building ARM+x86, I think I will do that when I mess around with rust again.

The updated shell for a quick reference:

docker build . -t myapp && docker stop myapp_container && docker rm myapp_container && docker run --name myapp_container -d -p 3000:3000 -p 8086:8086 --shm-size=2g myapp
docker logs -f --until=2s -name myapp_container

To clean the docker workspace up:

docker system prune all -a

This should become a tool that we can use in the future, making it easier to manage the container as well.

In the dev cycle, we could pull the most recent “dev” branch and then do docker build test cases for it?

4:34PM - Daily Scope

All of the general dockerfile cheatsheet information has been updated! I still need to go back and redo the setup guide for Docker, but that will be for another time when I am also doing it. This means that I need to also update the logos on the main website to reflect the changes to the documentation.

Okay so instead of the random company logos that are on greyscaled on the front page, we would just replace them with SVGs of the different application documents? This way they would provide a quick and easy access point to our website’s information.

There might be a better way to keep track of the journal, part of me feels like I should extend out the timestamps but then it would be way too much information and make things a bit boring. I could twist and turn as my mood feels, I suppose.


A trip to the caffine man is much needed, the question would be if I need any more red bulls or a change of programming location?


These are additional personal notes regarding the minor updates to the Atlas python library.

Hmm, I think we can remove the pyvirtualdisplay and try to grab the display, x11 directly from the python script and see if we can work around that.


The joys of chrome! Going to update the PPA to use Roberts latest version, which is currently sitting at 124. Nevermind, still getting wild chrome errors, ugh!


  • 1:00pm - I woke up late today :C
  • 1:30pm - After getting my thoughts and mind ready, I hoped onto fixing up the CSS a bit more for the search. I was able to grab the Iframe but have yet to apply the custom CSS into that frame but from my understanding that I will not be able to do it because of security issues, i.e the external server is a different domain (since its on Google.com) and the results are on KBVE.com, which would mean cross origin errors. The only other solution I could think of was to just replace the whole search engine when switching from dark / light mode? We could do that within the Search.jsx file and by checking the localStorage for the current skin settings. This might be the only optimal path or finding a color scheme that would match both the dark and light mode theme. I do like the idea of not having the ads blend too much into the search content, but rather make it known that these X ,Y and Zed results are a form of Advertisement. As for the usage of the engine? We are already hitting around 100-200 pageviews/searches per day as of right now but I am sure as we add more features and concepts, it could grow into something a bit more unique for a certain type of people. One of the extensions within the search that I been looking into was trying to remove the bias weights that google assigns to each user when conducting a search. The goal of that concept was to aim at having similar results across different accounts within the same region.
  • 2:50pm - Need to prepare myself to do some lawn care, so I think it be wise to take a quick break from the general flow of programming and get some generic exercise. I might even wash the cars really quick too, damn I am starting to get those father vibes, next thing I know, I will be complaining more about my old age. I low key still want to be a crazy old grandpa, yelling at random people, it is truly my meme spirit animal.
  • 3:00pm - The integration of GPT based search engines would be great but I am bit lost on how I should do it from both the backend and the frontend. I think the best approach would be to slowly add a couple generic GPT engines from 3rd parties as the backend before focusing on our own version. At the same time, we could then look at the UX/UI from the front end?


Let the future tell the truth and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine. — Nikola Tesla


  • Minor tweaks to the CSS.