June : 03

Daily Log for June, 03 of each year.



  • 1:00pm - All those late nights and lack of sleep has caught up, I am in such a daze. The first thing I might have to do is to double check my server’s networking. We spent a decent amount of the late night / early morning going over the different types of networking. The idea was to give local IP addresses to LXC containers but had a bit of a tough time doing so. The big risk with Networking is that it is super confusing unless you have experience and get an understanding of what is actually happening. I honestly rather just let existing software handle this for me, as I consider it all black magic.
  • 4:45pm - Going to sync this repo before I begin to update the whole website to a new theme. The new theme is part of the plan of getting all of KBVE up to date across the board, ideally towards something greater!
  • 7:15pm - I am going to go over a couple popular dashboard themes and see if I can replicate some of their unique functions into the current build of kbve.com. I noticed that I do not have the best eslint standards and maybe I should look into addressing those issues and see if I can improve my current setup.


Listen to what you know instead of what you fear. — Richard Bach


  • Update Full Website / Migrate to new Flowbite Theme.