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February: 14




Round 2! Fight!

I am going to try and see if I can get the official unity toon shader to load up and maybe attempt to integrate it into this game project!

The goal would be to get a comical style within the game objects and the environment, but we shall see how it goes!

Okay we were able to get the basics of the cell shader to be functional, granted there is an experimental packages warning that appears.

Here is the official repo for the toonshader that we are using, aka Unity Chan, https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/com.unity.toonshader

I will push through these changes, then mess around with the sample scenes.

Okay it looks like we can disable the Itch build for now because it will keep failing, since we need to figure out how to load abstract assets.

So for now, the best step would be to setup the unity build condition, which I will place inside of the ci-alpha.

Here is setup configuration under the ci-alpha.yml,

            name: "Setup"
            runs-on: ubuntu-latest
              build_unity: ${{ steps.set_output.outputs.build_unity }}
              - id: set_output
                run: "::set-output name=build_unity::false"

Then I will extend the condition for the saber build, if: needs.alter.outputs.saber == 'true' && needs.setup.outputs.build_unity == 'true', which will help prevent the build fails that we will be facing.