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April: 12




My plan for the day is to work with Framer Motion and get a better grasp of the react library!

The hero / landing component needs to be updated but how I would do it, hmmm, its still a bit in the air.


The biggest issue with Charles is the amount of heat that it is pushing out, ugh.

However I am thinking I got a brilliant idea on how to manage it, but it will require a bit of work-within-the-art style of management.


The docker contianer for python has been the main focus for today! We are looking at exactly how we can expand the unit and make use of the changes that come with that area! The problem with integrating the pyautogui library is that we would need a display for the function to operate within OR we can shift focus on a headless instance.

Given the nature of OpenCV and plan to utilize the window a bit more, it does make sense that we look at setting up a GUI / Graphical instance of Ubuntu with VNC, but there might be issues with how we get to this point.

Hmmm, I am going to try and think through the best ways that we can reach our goal within our given time limit.

Splitting up the Python library into two different ones does make sense as well.