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March: 22




The upstair bathroom is almost done! Yay! I can not wait to get back into my normal flow and having decently warm water again.

Expo BBQ

I will try to build out the components with minor changes here and there.

I am thinking the color choice and abstraction should be built into the components, but I am not too sure yet.


Nothing makes me enjoy my morning coffee, like thinking about state management! Once I get a bit more work done in the client side, I will most definitely look into building the final client-side state management library, which I want to use every where! Muahaha.


The BBQ Embed will handle the WebView and Iframe embeds!

We created the BBQEmbed.tsx within the expo-bbq and now we want to go ahead and render it within the lcagents app.

<BBQEmbed src="https://kbve.com/arcade/itch" />


Time to do some of the classic github actions! GaHActions baby

Action to run the serve -> pnpm nx serve expo-lcagents Now I am going to assume the build might require some work!

We will look into the publish websites with Metro, here is how we can go about doing that, document for reference.

Okay! To build out the website, we run this command: ./kbve.sh -nx expo-lcagents:export, which exports out to dist/apps/expo-lcagents/ and we can then make it deploy to the LC-Agents repo.