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Daily Log for 2023-05-01



  • 8:00am - My new alarm for the morning is this Electric Speed song and it has to be the best song to get you up out of bed. Do not use it for anything but as your alarm, so you can Pavlov yourself out of bed.
  • 10:00am - Got ready, did a couple set of squats and pushups, now about to venture into the main city and do some site seeing.
  • 12:15pm - After a couple hours of walking around and getting into the flow, now I am about to sit at my favorite cafe , jam out and do some programming sessions.
  • 1:00pm - Restructuring the media section of the knowledge garden and will start to include content that I found to be interesting and entertaining. One of my future plans was to summarize podcasts into short 3-5min DOC LOFI songs but that is definitely later down the line as the AI-generated music scene is still a bit rough.
  • 3:00pm - Took a quick break and toured around an university art show but they would not allow photographs, which makes sense because the artwork could is copyrighted.
  • 4:00pm - Came back to the cafe and now looking through the flutter docs and need to sync the repo with my online IDE. I am looking over flutter again and I might need to take a break from Astro and update the Flutter application to the latest before launching. Let me begin the quest of fluttering my brain cells into a cyclone of psychological fallacies.


To follow, without halt, one aim: There is the secret of success. — Anna Pavlova


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