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July: 13



We will merge the DialogueDatabase into the NPCDatabase to make it easier to manage the state of the dialogue. After we merge those into one, we can look at preparing the different dialogues using the zod/astro integration, moving that logic out of the game itself and into the main website. This means in the future, they will be able to view and read the dialogue outside of the game itself too. A new astropad component to handle the NPC, the Dialogue and the Lore should be coming wiithin the next couple weeks.

We added the zod configuration and now need to test it.


The next sprite that I wanted to add was a cosplayer but I got side tracked with so many different and new sprites!


A twist and turn in the game story could be around the corner. I am thinking of adding a bit of a horror-style element into the game but there is still a decent amount of work to do.


  • 6:00am - Getting up and ready! I believe the major goal for the day is to get through about a couple of the issue tickets and organize some of the cloud functions. I should move the older set of functions into a private github repo and then test the deployment of them through there. There might be some issues with how deployment would work within the scope of hybrid repos, where the sub-modules would be from hidden repos or 3rd party locations, but I suppose that is the part where we learn and find out.
  • 6:05am - The automated deployment will be a bit interesting because there are a couple different active entities that would be called, so it can create a bit of confusion, as there would be a decent chunk of vastly different moving parts. Software does not always like to work together, but with enough safety checks and cross communication, we should be able to get the majority of the concept and MVP up and running. We are soon reaching the time of a massive launch, it will feel great to come out of the shadow with massive swings into the public realm. I suspect there will be a bit of delay and bug abusing within the first couple months, but there will be a great burden that will be lifted. Seeing all the software perform and slowly coming together is amazing.


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