August : 04

Daily Log for August, 04 of each year.



  • 3:07pm - Going to look over the account mdx files and see if there are any additional templates, widgets and/or tooling needed before adding the r3f.
  • 4:15pm - I was going through the application content folder to prepare for the tag folder and I am thinking that I might switch it up and try a complex structure. The first step would be to being the folder for the tags, which I will place under the tags and then under the pages, I will make a folder that is t which will be a slug-based id system? That could be one option, damn I just realized that I am tackling two different issues insides of the same patch. This would be a foul play in the management of the patch style of development, because I am jumping from one issue to another without having it referenced.
  • 5:54pm - The tag system is coming out a bit better than I was expecting, I am debating if I want to use the Canvas.astro as the base layout for the tag system OR if I should create a new layout for them? I think the best step would be to start with the base of Canvas.astro and then go back and refactor the tag system to use a custom Tag.astro.
  • 8:04pm - A minor update on the RSPS project, it seems that prices are still falling, the value of effort and reward is also diminishing a bit faster than I was expecting. This is a common problem that I feel like all MMORPGs will have, where the inflation will get more and more rampant, such that, the overall value of the effort diminishes. I think it is always interesting to see how a virtual world handles their economic activity and compare it to our physical realm.


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