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March: 27




I believe the plan for the day will be to get the iOS and the android builds as operational as we can.

To start we will first run the prebuild script, just to make sure that everything is good to go!

./kbve.sh -nx expo-lcagents:prebuild

After making sure the prebuild script is fine, we can start to setup the iOS integration, using the pods and general native modules.

Next command to run will be the ./kbve.sh -nx expo-lcagents:run-ios, which will run the iOS simulator/emulator with the application inside of it.

I been debugging the whole iOS setup all day and its driving me crazy! I have to take breaks from debugging the code, by de-bugging the universe via helldiver.


It seems that I was doing the index.js the wrong way! I am going to see if I can make it functional for the app as well, hmm maybe this bug is the reason why I was having the other bugs?